The best fitness trackers of the moment: here’s what to buy

Heart rate monitor on the chest, GPS watch on the wrist and some other gadget to wear on the body to keep the data of your sporting performance under control. In recent years, the tools available to runners have changed a lot. Now you need only a fitness tracker that integrates all the functions necessary for your training .

Arrived almost quietly on the world market, fitness trackers in a short time have conquered a good slice of the market and also occupied the space of smartwatch (with which the challenge is always open). By now the wearable integrate such a number of sensors and features that are increasingly essential in the life of every day, and not just the runner. In fact, the activity trackers have become a real cult object useful both to monitor their sports performance, vital parameters such as heartbeat, body temperature or count the steps taken every day.

Sule market are available different models with different price ranges. Some also integrate a small screen where you can check “live” data from your body, others instead communicate directly to the application available on the main online stores. If you are undecided about which fitness tracker to buy , here is a buying guide .Let’s start with one of the best fitness trackers on the market .

Fitbit is one of the leading companies in the industry and over the years has managed to win the trust of users thanks to wearable with truly unique features. And the Fitbit Charge 2 is proof of this. The fitness tracker integrates a special PulseSecure technology that allows you to monitor in real time the heartbeat directly on the small screen on the wearable. In addition, the device provides user advice on how to improve your cardio activity by monitoring the results obtained during workouts. Logically, as all the main fitness trackers collect data on the number of steps taken during the day, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned and the sedentary time.

The Fitbit Charge 2 also features a Multi Sport technology that automatically recognizes the sporting activity you are performing (running, cycling, weightlifting) and provides the most important statistics in real time on the OLED screen. In addition, data is collected on the application, available for both smartphones and tablets so that the user can analyze them at a later time. The wearable also monitors the sleep phases,

providing suggestions on how to improve their quality. By activating the smartphone’s GPS and synchronizing the fitness tracker, you will be able to check on the screen the route taken and to understand in which stretches you have been stronger. Finally, it also offers a guided breathing session based on your own heartbeat. The battery has a duration of five days.Fitbit Charge 2 is a fitness tracker suitable for everyone , but the price is quite high: to buy the wearable you need to spend a figure close to one hundred and fifty euro.

7 apps and gadgets for the careless that always lose everything


Leaving home, forgetting the keys to the door inside the home, is one of the main fears that affords the careless people of the world . As a result, before leaving home, these people continually check (almost compulsively) for taking the object.

The keys are just one of the many things that normally, and with a certain frequency, we tend to lose. Often we can not remember, especially because of the stressful and hectic life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive, where we left our wallet or smartphone . And not only. Then there are those who lose, and through no fault of their own, many other objects. Think, for example, of suitcases lost at the airport or exchanged on the train. Many, moreover, can not trace their dog or cat, especially if pets have been left free to run around the park. What to do? Fortunately, there is technology. Here are 5 apps and gadgets for those who lose everything easily .

Findster Duo
Findster Duo is a GPS tracker recommended for those who fear losing their four-legged friends . The device is a true concentrate of technology. The device, in fact, has a radar , through which to measure the distance that separates the user from the pet. Associating it with the application, available only for iOS, you can view the position of the dog in real time on the map. And not only. Findster Duo allows you to set up a control area , a sort of virtual enclosure, which if exceeded by Fido should trigger the alarm. The GPS tracker costs $ 99 (about 87 euros, at the current exchange rate).

Tile is a Bluetooth gadget, useful for those who never find the keys or the wallet. Simply attach the device to the object and connect it to the smartphone. Through the appropriate application, users can know at any time where they are finished what they are looking for, taking a look at the map or by playing the device. Tile can also be used to find the smartphone : just press the button on the device and the phone will ring. The only problem is that Tile is only available for Apple users. Starting price: 27 euros .

Similar to Tile is the Bluetooth TrackR device , with the advantage of working on Android devices. The device is very useful for tracking keys, luggage, wallets and more. TrackR integrates a distance indicator , to be used to know how many meters is the lost object, and is able to also issue audio signals to go back to the position of the keys. In addition, if the user moves away from the object to which the device is connected, he will receive a notification on the smartphone. Price: 29 dollars (just over 25 euros).

Chipolo Plus
Chipolo Plus is another Bluetooth tracker and works exactly like the others listed so far. The device is very small and comes with an elegant design. Once connected to the smartphone, through the dedicated application, it allows tracking the position of the lost object . Chipolo emits very strong sound impulses, audible even at a distance of several meters. It is available in different colors, is water resistant and has a battery that ensures up to a year of autonomy. At the moment, you buy at a discounted price of almost 25 dollars (around 22 euros).

Dispotive similar to those seen previously is Filo, the GPS tracker developed and produced completely in Italy. The tracker of the Bel Paese startup is as big as a key ring and can be inserted into any object. To find a bunch of keys or a wallet, simply activate the application and locate the object thanks to the GPS sensor. Filo also integrates a button that allows you to play the smartphone in case it is set to silent. The Italian GPS tracker can be purchased directly on the startup site at a price of 29.90 euros.

FollowMee is different from previous solutions because it is simply an application and not a Bluetooth or GPS tracker. The app, also available in free version, works by allowing users to check the exact location of the device through the browser . It is compatible with any object and software platform. FollowMee uses the GPS of the mobile device (smartphone, tablet) on which it is installed.

Mu Tag
Can a small device, similar to a miniature USB stick, help us not to lose any objects? The answer is yes, if the accessory in question is Mu Tag . It is the smallest instrument in the world to use to check that you have everything you need at your fingertips. From home keys to smartphones, via notebooks and wallets.

How does it work? Just attach the small device to a backpack, a book or a suitcase to start receiving information on the location of the item on our phone. If we set a list of objects to remember, the Mu Tag will warn us every time we move away from that particular accessory. For example,

let’s say we have to leave. In order not to forget anything, we can create a list of the things we need. From the suitcase to the documents for the trip. Leaving home, however, we forget the passport. At that point, once we have arrived at the door, we will receive a notification on the smartphone (but also works on smartwatch and tablet) that will alert us to go back to recover the document.

Always during a holiday the Mu Tag is very convenient for those who are afraid of losing their suitcase. Just put it in our hold baggage to prevent it from being lost. And we will be constantly updated on the position of the suitcase through notifications. But if we live in a big city the Mu Tag can also be left inside the vehicle, especially if we park in a very large structure, to find it in a few minutes. At the moment, the small careless device is being launched on the Kickstarter e crowdfunding platformit costs around $ 15 . With a hundred euros we can buy different to apply on our main objects. The shipments will start in December 2017 .